Wordless Thursday:

June 4, 2010

Food Review: Shars Gluten-Free Pasta

June 2, 2010

Todays review is going to be on Schars Gluten-Free Fucilli pasta.

This is Fucilli rice pasta. It is amazing how far rice pasta has come. It used to be slimy, crumble and break apart. Nope, not this one, welcome to the new century! 

You cook it like any other pasta, boil water, stick pasta in & wait the recommended 8-10 minutes, drain and enjoy! I stick it in for 9minutes and it’s perfect!

This pasta has the same texture as “normal” pasta although it is a little bit more chewy but other than that it tastes I would say 98% normal. It has a little bit of a back-taste but nothing that would keep me from eating it again. In fact, I have had this pasta every single time we have Sunday night dinners! Top it with your favorite pasta sauce and EAT! 

More reviews to come!