6 Months Gluten Free

November 9, 2010

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. I am back and I’m aiming to do 1-2 new posts per-week.

It’s a little late but last month was my 6month “anniversary” of being gluten free and getting diagnosed with celiac disease. It is also the “anniversary” of the end of my brutal pain and the worry of not knowing what was wrong.  
Those who don’t have celiac may not understand why I’m blogging about this and how it is almost like “phew! the worry is over , and I can enjoy my life, healthy”. 

At first I was very confused, upset and didn’t understand anything about gluten and celiac disease. Now that it’s been six months and I have found an amazing e-community on twitter , Facebook and blogging that has been nothing but encouraging and helpful. Thank-You to everyone that has helped me get through the beginning stages of living gluten-free.  

Eating out, going on trips and just living life with celiac has become second-nature! I have found that as time has passed I really don’t crave any of the “dangerous” foods anymore. One big reason for that is, I think is due to the fact that I know I can make a new gluten-free version of almost everything.

I will be posting more soon. xo



I’m back

November 9, 2010

Hi everyone. Just a quick post to say I’m back! xo