About Me

I’m Diana, I’ve been gluten free since April, 2010. I have had stomach issues my whole life but not until I was 16 did it get to the point where I couldn’t move. Doctors thought I may have had cancer.I had test, after test, after test and nothing was coming up.

Finally my doctor said, just eliminate the gluten. I then went to an actual gastro doctor and they said to me, you are feeling better being gluten free lets not officially test you unless other things come up but they gave me an unofficial diagnosis of celiac. They said it’s one of two things, a gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease. The reason it leads doctors to believe I have celiac disease is because my nails and hair are growing, not to mention I have actual energy and don’t have to go lie down after I’ve walked a flight of stairs because I’m so exhausted.

However, they also diagnosed me with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which is why I still have stomach issues here-and-there but it is surely managable and nothing to complain about.

My goal is to help those who are just being diagnosed, and let you know, it’s okay and your life will be better, not worse. Also, I have found a great community of friends and bloggers who have helped me and I love to also ask others for their advice too.


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